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It is time to improve your ejaculate for complete satisfaction

Gaining complete satisfaction out of sex is not easy of course. Your partner is looking for some hard banging which makes her reach climax is the only way to make her happy while for men getting hard erections and shooting out massive loads is what makes sex more fun. Everything might be going well for you but if a guy ends up with shooting out just a few drops, he is unable to achieve satisfaction.

  • Factors that affect ejaculate

There are many factors that determine the quantity and quality of your cum. But first it is important to understand what the ejaculate is made of. Only 1% of it consists of sperms so if you doubt yourself on producing kids due to low quantity of sperms that you are mistaken. The other 99% of the ejaculate is made up of mostly proteins, minerals and other elements and so a man needs to take care of his health in order maintain the quality and quantity of his ejaculate.

Fluctuation in weight, stress, poor eating habits and even watching too much porn can affect the production of the cum. How? Here is a little explanation:

  1. Stress

When your mind is occupied with unnecessary things and is working more than its capacity, it won’t e able to carry out other functions properly which includes controlling the production of sex hormones in males. When the body faces a decline in the production of sex hormone, less blood reaches the penile tissues and so they become weak which affects your performance.

  1. Obesity and poor eating habits

Both these things go hand in hand. Guys who eat junk gain more weight than they actually should. And so the fats accumulate inside the arteries and narrow them to an extent that the blood circulation around the body is hindered. As less blood reaches the tissues present in the penis, they lose their functioning which results in not only stunned growth but a decrease in the production of ejaculate.

  1. Watching porn

Masturbating while watching porn every now and then is the biggest reason why most men face a decline in the quantity and quality of their ejaculate. The body needs it’s time to build up the ejaculate and if a person keeps on excluding it out of the body, the body will become weak and won’t be able to work as it should to increase the production.

  • How can one increase the potency and quantity of ejaculate?

Well there are various methods through which men can improve their ejaculate and increase their leave of satisfaction during sex. Here are some of the methods that have helped a lot of guys with their manhood problems:

  1. Avoiding stress

With all the things going in one’s life, it is nearly impossible to stay stress free. If not finish it, at least one can definitely try to reduce it to a huge extent. Take up hobbies that keep you occupied and work out because being physically active is the best way to release stress.

Staying active improves the blood circulation throughout the body and so more blood reaches the penis. With the excess supply of blood, the penile tissues not only expand to increase the size of the penis but also gain strength so that it can produce more ejaculate for an amazing climax.

  1. Creams and pills

Supplements like Volume Pills have been specially designed for man facing such issue. A combination of natural ingredients, Volume Pills aims at increasing the production of testosterone in the male body so that the reproductive system starts working actively and hence more ejaculate is produced. Not only does this pill improves the quantity of the semen but also enhances the quality.

  1. Stop masturbating

Guys who give up on masturbating have observed a huge change in the production of their ejaculate. When a guys stops watching porn and gives his body time to produce semen, the body gains all the strength to produce the best quality liquid and because nothing is excreted out of the body, it starts accumulating and hence the quantity is increased. As much as you might enjoy watching porn, giving up on such habits can prove beneficial for your sex life.

  • Conclusion

Those guys who eat healthy and remain active have a better sex life and can last longer in bed because of their increased stamina. But it is not necessary that such men have the ability to shoot out massive loads of cum as well. Volume Pills is one amazing set of supplements that ensure the high quality and quantity of semen so that a man can gain full satisfaction from his romantic act and of course do not face any embarrassment.